About a company

Few words about history of ECE Logistics


ECE Logistics is a transport company which deals with express delivery and road transport of goods with delivery vans with a maximum authorized mass up to 3,5T. Initially our company was running as a Euro Cargo Express, but due to a big progress it changed its name and increased the scope of logistic and transport services. Company founders were gaining their experience in transport and logistics market over the years, which led them to create a strong enterprise offering professional and comprehensive transport and logistics solutions for whole Europe. We always care about safety and high quality of services entrusted to us. All services, we provide, led us to the position of the trustworthy business partner in Polish and European market. Thanks to constant further development, we are able to adjust our activities to vibrant and demanding market of transport services. All of our vehicles fulfills highest requirements as well as the services that we provide in a professional, responsible and effective way. Our transport activities can be characterized by high quality services, large experience, professional team, guarantee of safety of goods and oversight over it, and responsible business.

Our mission is to create and develop transport and logistics services on highest quality, analysis and realization of jobs entrusted us by our clients, and to build a long term partnerships based on a mutual trust.

Our goal is to further develop our skills and to adjust to new types of needs of transport market.

Our vision is to become a modern international transport company specialized in delivering goods with courtain vans which will be placed between the biggest European transport and logistic enterprises.

Our strategy is to understand customer’s needs, analysis of the market and to adjust high quality transport and logistics services to our customers needs.

Company history



The beginning of activity in international transport market.




Foundation of Euro Cargo Express company offering express road transport and logistics.




The creation of furniture logistics.




Foundation of ECE Logistics Sp. z o.o. sp.k. company




Establishment of the EUROCOMMERCE brand, offering comprehensive logistics services for e-commerce.