Contract logistics - warehouses with services for you

Contract logistics - warehouse with comprehensive service

We are a logistics operator operating in the TSL industry for 15 years.
We are characterized by an individual and flexible approach to the needs of our clients and many years of experience of our staff.
Our motto is "A company of exceptional people". If you want your products to be handled in a unique way, we invite you to cooperate.

Outsourcing of warehouse logistics

Contract logistics is a service of comprehensive warehousing, storage and delivery of pallets. The warehouse in which we carry out logistics processes is classified as "A" class. Its unquestionable advantage is its location close to the S8, A4 and S5 roads - Wrocław, ul. Avicenny.

Flexible logistics tailored to your needs

We provide contract logistics services in a multicustomer warehouse, but we can also tailor them to your needs for a dedicated warehouse project. As part of our service, we offer short-term storage of goods and a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of our clients (warehouse logistics outsourcing).

logistyka kontraktowa, magazyny do wynajęcia

Modern warehouses with contract logistics

Our warehouses are equipped with the necessary equipment that allows for quick and efficient handling logistics processes.
The standard equipment includes, among others:

  • professional forklifts,
  • professional high storage racks (up to 8 levels)
  • professional WMS system

All processes are carried out by a team of qualified specialists with extensive experience in warehouse logistics.



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