Furniture logistics

Furniture logistics


We’re one of the best companies that provides professional furniture logistics. Almost a half of upholstered furniture available in European market is made in Poland, being the fourth biggest furniture exporter in the world (after USA, Italy and China).To meet European market demands ECE Logistics company provides also comprehensive logistics services:

– of Polish upholstered furniture manufacturers,
– for foreign customers who buy furniture in Poland and wants to transfer it directly to their shops, warehouses and clients no matter in which country.

ECE Logistics’s Furniture logistics services consist of:


– receiving prepared orders from clients or furniture manufacturers,
– processing the orders and creating transport-ready ‘tours’ in accordance with geographical location and available trucks,
– transferring prepared tours as a part of production,
– setting timeframes of delivery of manufactured goods,
– advising timeframes of delivery to sales network, warehouses and direct clients,
– loading the furniture to prepared trucks,
– delivery based on schedule (in single or multiple delivery places),
– possibility of sending the POD, even few minutes after !

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Furthermore ECE Logistics has his own warehouse space in Zielona Góra, in great location.


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